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My work is led by curiosity and a constant need to learn new skills and tools. I thrive in a multidisciplinary, multicultural environment where I can feed off of different energies brought to the workplace. I like to challenge myself and face issues of our time by finding simple, aesthetic and sustainable solutions. Through my work I strive to improve people’s lives, from the conception of the project down to the smallest details.


Born in 1997 of Italian and American parents, I am a native speaker of both English and Italian and hold a B2 certificate in German. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in industrial design from the Free University of Bolzano, Italy. My studies focused on product design while I also gained experience in graphic design, art, cinema and scenography.


I interned and worked alongside Harry Thaler in Merano, Italy and later joined the 3-person research team of the Design Friction Lab led by Nitzan Cohen, Dean of the Design and Art Faculty at the Free University of Bolzano. I was part of an ongoing project called DIYR (Do It Yourself Revisited), in which I developed some small household electronic objects intended for DIY and self-production.

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